Graphic Design in Marketing

  • Logos
    First and foremost your business logo is the most important item your business graphic design needs.  It is the first thing people see and remember about your business.  Having a few similar logos is a great idea as it maximizes the ability to use them in a variety of ways.  From signs to stickers and shirts, your logo is everything.
  • Marketing Materials
    Once you have a logo you need to apply it to various materials to generate visibility.  The art of taking your logo and utilizing it with various medias is another paramount type of graphic design.  We have a ton of experience with this art form and have the results to prove it.  Take a look at our Portfolio for various examples of our past work.
  • Social Media
    To build creative and compelling content you need to include eye-catching graphics to captivate your audience.  Tahoe Business Helpers has a vast history of social media content creation using excellent, attention grabbing graphic design.
Tahoe Business Helpers | GRAPHIC DESIGN
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