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Marketing Materials can be boiled down to anything that has your logo on it.  These physical items are distributable in various ways to promote your brand.  Be it on a sticker, business card, or coupon, it depicts your business brand.  It makes people excited about your business and want to learn more.

The first order of business is a logo.  If you already have one, great!  Do you have more than one logo?  It is a good idea to have more than a single logo to use in different types of ways.  For example, a circular logo is great for shirts and stickers but may not be very visible on a sign from far away, etc.  If you need a logo help, you are in luck!  Learn more about our Graphic Design services here.

Because you need to accompany your logo with messaging on your Marketing Materials, you also need a general aesthetic to your marketing campaign.  This can be a ‘theme’ for your business that can be very specific or vague depending on the way you want your business to be seen.  Some examples of vague aesthetic are ‘vintage’, ‘classy’, and ‘fun’.  A donut shop would most likely want to be seen as ‘fun’ instead of ‘modern’ and a BBQ restaurant may want a ‘western’ theme to portray the atmosphere of their establishment.


The lowest hanging fruit in marketing.  Because stickers are so economical and have a huge upside, it’s almost silly not to have some made.  Especially if you have an eye-catching logo to print.  You see them all over town on cars, windows, containers and eateries.  We can think of more than a few local business stickers that we see literally everywhere, can you?

Since stickers usually come in large quantities, you can give them to your clients and customers and you will instantly have free advertising.  Having your logo seen by as many people as possible is the name of the game.

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This type of marketing material requires a bit more initial investment but the reward can be two fold.  They can be worn by family, friends and employees to advertise for you for free.  And people buy company shirts all of the time.  However, in order for people to want to pay for your shirt it has to look great!

First of all you have to have a good looking logo.  Secondly you must apply your logo into a stand-out design.  Then the possibilities are endless for your new stream of revenue – all from your logo.  Think about it; Shirts are available in lots of different colors and styles.

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Business Cards

Simple, concise, inexpensive.  Business cards are so inexpensive these days you should order some to keep handy because you never know when one would come in handy.  With the age of smartphones upon us we were starting to wonder if business cards would even continue to exist.  They are still relevant today in a big way.  We recommend keeping at least a few cards on you at all times in case of a random conversation.  They also great to have when attending mixers, school functions, local gatherings and of course lunch.  Restaurants are still doing the free giveaway raffle with business cards!

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Promote your upcoming event with an eye catching creative design.  While handing out flyers to people on the street is mostly a thing of the past, there are plenty of other ways to get your event noticed.  Many local businesses allow flyers to be posted in store windows and bulletin boards free of charge.   Also, you can use your flyer design to create a social media event.

Furthermore, you can print larger versions of your superbly designed flyer and sell poster prints at your event.  They sell great alongside your shirts and other marketing materials!

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Paper printed advertisements can be a good way to promote your business.  They are widely circulated and everyone likes to look through them when they have the time.  However, due to the fact that they are typically published on a monthly basis they are difficult to determine the return.  There are in fact ways to track your ROI on these advertisements.

Most noteworthy is the fact that these ads also usually allow you to choose the size (AKA price) of your advertisement, so it may be something that we discuss further during your Free Consultation.

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Much like shirts, hats can be a valuable commodity for your business.  Employees often wear them at work and tons of other people wear hats often as well.  If your logo looks great, put it on a hat.  If you are planning on selling hats, you should have the same or similar logo on them as your shirts.  Have you seen how much people are paying for hats these days?  It just might be worth the investment.

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Everyone gets the monthly coupon book in the mail so why not advertise in it?  While it is a great platform for a new business to create awareness, it is also good at creating return customers with an incentive.  Look at the coupon book and get a sense of what local businesses are using it and how.  Most run the same coupon every month while you also see some businesses come and go.  Again it only gets published monthly so you must take that into consideration.  However, it never hurts to try a new marketing source for effectiveness.

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If your business serves food, we have you covered.  Not only do we know how to design your menu based on your business, but we know what to include and why.  We have a drawer full of menus from food establishments and to be honest, sometimes we play a game that involves darts and menus to decide what’s for lunch.  Don’t be excluded from our hunger games!

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Vehicle Magnets

If you drive around town a lot and own a business you may as well get some advertising out of it.  When sitting at stop lights especially, nothing takes your eye off of the monotonous commute like looking at an eye catching design stuck to the car next to or in front of you.  It may seem silly, but there’s a reason why all major pizza delivery chains require this from their delivery drivers.  Cheap advertising.

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Even More Marketing Materials

We understand that there are a plethora of options for your business marketing needs. The key ingredient to success is to figure out which materials work best for your business. That’s where we step in and implement our experience to help guide you to what you really need.

Below are some other types of marketing materials that may come in handy for your business.

  • Banners
    Events, booths, soccer games. If you and your business are active in the community and like to sponsor events and local sports teams you will need to let people know that you are there. Set up a table/booth and show your awesome logo and business aesthetic with a banner. It goes great with…
  • Pop-Up Tents
    While you are sponsoring the events and soccer games, you will eventually want some shade. Tents work great to do just that, but you can also add your brand to it so it can bee seen from a distance. Advertising + shade = win-win.
  • Buttons
    Another extremely inexpensive way to get your logo/brand noticed. It’s a niche item but could be great for your business.
  • Keychains
    Admittedly, these need to be multi-functional to even be considered anymore. Long gone are the days of having a piece of plastic on your keyring and get away with it. But if your keychain has your logo AND is a carabiner or bottle opener, then people will put it on their keys and bring it with them wherever they go!
  • Pens
    These are pretty self explanatory. Marketing with them solely is a bad idea but if your business requires your customers to write anything while in your establishment (credit card payments) then they may work for you. Just like menus, we have a drawer full of pens that have logos on them.

The list goes on and on. The brass tax is that if you need your business name or logo on anything, we can make it happen.

Complete the marketing plan road map with some great social media!

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