It’s amazing how connected all devices and computers are all over the world.  With a single device or computer, you can tap into the seemingly endless amount of potential customers.

Your website serves as an online ‘home base’ for your brand and we can point people there for information on your business or products.  How do we get people to your website?  And how do I know how people found my website?

Great, you have your marketing hat on now!  Below is a list of most of the current online methods.  Schedule a Free Consultation and we can discuss which methods work for your business and how we can track your return on investment.

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Online Advertising is an effective way to gain customers that you may not have captured organically. Just as TV commercials, the primary focus is to get your product or business in front of a wider audience.

Google AdWords

  • Search Ads
    These appear at the top of search results when someone searches for a keyword that you set with your ad.
  • Video Ads
    These appear in YouTube videos based upon the audience you set for your ad.
  • Display Ads
    Your ad will be placed on like minded blogs and websites all over the internet.

Other Types of Online Advertising

  • Social Media Marketing
    It is very important to post updated content on social media whenever it is relevant. Typically your content is only viewed by a percentage of all people you ‘Like’ your page or follow you. If you want to expand the reach of your content you can advertise. [Read More]
  • Email Marketing
    When people sign up for your newsletter you need to keep them informed of what is going on with your business.
    Periodically you will send a creative email blast to let people know of a new product or event coming up.
  • Retargeting
    This method deals with advertising to people who visited your website but did not complete a transaction (sale or form submission for example).
  • Traditional Advertising
    Many local news websites and directories have advertising options that primarily target locals.

Did you know that we can help with other types of advertising?

Print Media
Rack Cards
Pop-Up Tents
And More!

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Now that the word is out, let's keep those customers coming!

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