Tahoe Snow Removers

Logo, Website, Online Marketing


Tahoe Snow Removers contacted us for help with launching their new company.  The very first step in branding is coming up with a logo that portrays the company goals, and in this case it was to provide snow removal services to residential customers in South Lake Tahoe.  Since their company name already includes the majority of what they wanted to accomplish, we really just had to visually promote residential service and we did so with the silhouette of a home in the logo.


The next step in the plan was to establish an online identity with a website.  The goal here was to create a platform where potential out-of-town customers  – as well as locals could see what services were offered, why they should choose Tahoe Snow Removers, and a method of contacting them for a free estimate on their property.  We covered all of those bases and launched a WordPress website to give the owners a way to update their own content when they needed to.  In fact the home page content has been updated to let viewers know that they are completely booked for this upcoming winter!


Online Marketing

With the logo and website done it was time to promote their new company.  Because they wanted to target both locals and homeowners that live primarily off the hill, we decided that Google AdWords would be the logical first step in promoting their services.  A campaign was set up, goals and budgets were set, and more than 20 free estimates were delivered within the first few weeks!


If you are looking for snow removal services for your home or vacation rental, look no further.  Tahoe Snow Removers is here and will be doing a great job in their inaugural season.  And since they are already booked for this upcoming snow season you will need to reach out early next Fall for a free estimate!

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