Tyson Masonry Co

Website and Marketing Materials

Tyson has been a family friend for over 20 years and when he approached us to help him elevate the visibility of his masonry company we were more than happy to help out.

The Marketing Project

With the purchase of a new work truck he knew he wanted it branded, and the quickest method in doing that was door magnets.  His logo is now featured on his truck in 4 places for maximum exposure.  To go along with his logo placement on his truck, he wanted to utilize it on job sites as well.  So for that we created him some yard signs that he can place in the workplace to let people know who’s work they are seeing when they walk or drive by.  As a contractor, Tyson does not have a storefront and his job sites differ every week so we had to be creative on how we got his logo in front of eye of potential new customers.

To round things up, we used the same logo for a business card, and then used the business card design as his straight-forward website.  Tyson is a hands-on individual and is always at work.  Therefore we made sure that his phone number is the most prominent piece of his magnets and website.



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