“Soup to Nuts” is a phrase an old boss used to say when beginning a project.  We all thought he was literally nuts for saying that, but the meaning of the phrase stuck; ‘From beginning to End’.  We take that phrase to heart when discussing a new project.  With Website Development, it is very important to follow through with all aspects of the project.

Website Project Aspects

  • Design
    Your website should look the way you want and use the same colors, fonts, and aspects of your logo or actual business.
  • User Experience
    The people who visit your website should find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
    Essentially what this means is that all of the content on your site is properly tagged and relevant to your business.  This is a continuous project that should be revisited at least every few months.
  • Testing
    Multiple sets of eyes are always better than one.  Our team will comb through your website prior to launch to make sure it includes all desired content.  However, having you and your friends and colleagues browse the site before it is made public will ensure that everything you – and your audience is included.  Consider it a ‘soft opening’.
  • Content
    All content that is provided will be included before the website goes live.  But, because you as a business is always creating more content it needs to be added post-launch.  Have a new donut or drink special at your establishment?  Let’s tell everyone about it by adding it to your website and beyond!
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What We provide

We will go through exactly what you will need from us during your Free Consultation.  Everyone has a different situation depending on where they are currently located on their business timeline.  Some just thought of an idea a week ago while others have been operating for over 10 years.  Each have different yet similar needs.  We do not like to fix what is not broken.  Below is a list of what we can provide your business.

  • Domain Name
    Every website needs one ( but there is more to it than that.  Is it the exact name of your business?  Is it posted on the internet correctly?
  • Hosting
    Every website also has a hosting plan.  Tahoe Business Helpers has our own dedicated server to make your website accessible to the entire world-wide-web.  Our prices cannot be beat!
  • Development
    Mockups will be provided to get your design right, and then we start building your website.
  • SEO
    While building your website we will make sure that all items are optimized for your online strategy.
  • Content Management
    Your content will be placed on your website where it should live and launched at the appropriate time.
  • Social Media Integration
    We can make you content find its’ way onto your social media platforms or vice-versa.
  • Mailing List Integration
    Start collecting email addresses of clients because they want to hear more about your business.
  • Visitor Tracking
    Code will be installed on your website to monitor your viewers and their habits.

Now that your website is ready, let's spread the word!

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