Everyone wants to know as much as possible when it comes to their business.  Below are the top questions we receive from new clients prior to setting up a Free Consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of elevating a business?

Great question.  Here are the typical steps in taking your business to the next level:

  1. Fill out our Free Consultation form.
  2. We research your current marketing tools (if applicable).
  3. We call you to schedule a face-to-face or phone meeting.
  4. Together we discuss areas of concern and enhancement opportunities.
  5. Tahoe Business Helpers implements enhancements.
  6. We schedule a follow up meeting to discuss your Return on Investment and further enhancement opportunities.

Can we speak in person about my business?

Yes!  Once we have done some research of your current marketing plan we will schedule a call or face-to-face meeting (your preference) to discuss how we can enhance your business.

How long does it take to see my business improve?

All businesses and marketing plans are unique so this is a tough question to answer definitively.  However, we are sure that if our enhancements are implemented you will see results based upon our market research within the first 30 days.

Do you offer marketing packages?

Each client is unique as to where the most effective marketing methods should be deployed.  In most cases several types of services will be necessary to reach your company goals.  We do not offer ‘cookie-cutter’ packages as they rarely encompass every businesses needs; either too much or too little of what actually needs to be done.

We are big fans of efficiency and do not like to waste time or money on unnecessary marketing tools for our clients.  Each client has their own unique package proposal discussed with our Free Consultation.

What qualifications do you have?

Founder Brandon Benscoter has been in the tech industry since 2000 learning the ins and outs of coding, marketing, design and sales.  This combined with our vast network of support staff around the world gives us an unparalleled pool of knowledge and talent to pull from.

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